TheraPatch Product Buyers
204,962 Health Care Consumers @$90/M

These are active, health-conscious women and men who have purchased one or more of the TheraPatch brand family of patch products.  They have responded to television or Internet campaigns; many have returned product response surveys.

TheraPatch is medicated ointment on a breathable cloth patch. This innovative, topical, over-the-counter system safely and effectively delivers medications through the skin. The convenient hydrogel-based delivery system provides temporary relief directly on the site of pain or discomfort.

TheraPatch products are used for a variety of conditions such as aches and pains; cold sores and fever blisters; itch relief for psoriasis; coughs dues to colds; insect bites, rashes, skin irritations; and fevers and headaches.

This is the list to test if you want to reach progressive health-care product consumers at home or email address, or by telephone.


  • 186,188 Women
  • 40,870 Men
  • 81,721 Phone Numbers
  • 85,215 12-Month Buyers
  • 42,127 Households with Children
  • 68,715 E-Mail Adddresses

This is the first time this list has been on the market, and is only available through 5-Star Lists, Inc. Be among the first to reach these health-conscious women and men who are proven buyers of health care products and services.

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Recency: $10/M*

Survey Responders: $10/M

Gender: $10/M

Zip, SCF, State: $10/M

Hsehlds with children: $10/M

Telephone Numbers: $40/M

E-mail: With file only: $50/M

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