Internet Users
11,000,000 Opt-In Subscribers @$50/M

This is the database to test if you want to reach more than 11 million Internet users who have opted-in to receive third party email offers.

Lists can be targeted by age, gender, geography, educational level, income, and a broad array of categories and sub-categories of hobbies, lifestyles and purchasing data.

The database includes subscribers to various websites, including: i-Offers Direct, InBox Bargains and Win A Flat Screen TV.


Interests/Categories Counts
Free Offers/Bargains 10,900,000
Sports 5,600,000
Travel 3,900,000
Music/Entertainment 3,800,000
Health/Fitness 3,100,000
Books/Literature 2,700,000
Computers/Hardware/Software 2,300,000
Financial Services 1,800,000
Small Office/Home Office 1,600,000
Careers 1,400,000
Science & Technology 1,100,000
IT Pros 960,000
Golf 870,000
e-Commerce 820,000
Business News 790,000
NASCAR 770,000

U.S. post office mailing addresses on 5 million records are also available $60/M, without email, and $50/M with email.

The list owner also offers free delivery, 100% deliverability guaranteed, merge/purge services, volume discounts, and free click-thru tracking.

100% Internet Opt-Ins

Age: $5/M
Gender: $5/M
Geography: $5/M
Educational Level: $5/M
Income: $5/M
Recency: $5/M
U.S. Postal Mail: $60/M
Postal w/email: $100/M
Volume pricing available

Free delivery, 100% deliverability guaranteed.
The list is updated and cleaned continuously.
Free Click-Thru Tracking.

Minimum order:
5,000 postal addresses
50,000 email addresses
25,000 combined
Sample mailer required

A sample of the email message must be submitted for approval by list owner on all campaigns.

Prepayment for new accounts.

Net 30 days for list brokers.

Cancellations will be billed computer running charges.

Rental is for one-time use only, unless otherwise approved by list manager.

Reciprocal list rental may be required.

20% commission to recognized list brokers only.

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