More than 40,000 companies earn revenues by renting their mailing lists to other organizations.

Why not you, too?

Earn money by renting your list to other companies

At 5-Star Lists, Inc., we help clients earn money by renting their mailing lists to other companies.

Now, you can join thousands of companies who earn money month after month, renting their mailing lists.

Simply provide your compiled or customer mailing list to us.

We will manage and market the list and generate revenues for you and your company or organization - at no cost to you.


  • Mailing list becomes a profit center for your company.
  • No extra staff, office space or additional overhead is required.
  • Marketing services are free. You will have no costs billed to you.


Your list will be secured at our service bureau and assigned an owner's code.

Every name on the list will be identified with your code. Thereafter, the use of the names in your file will be tracked to prevent unauthorized usage and for the purpose of providing usage reports and royalty payments.


Marketing communications materials for your list will be developed and published. These materials include press releases, datacards, and trade publication notifications. Advertising may include direct mail, trade shows, display ads, and targeted Internet marketing campaigns to selected prospective companies with an interest in mailing lists.


All lists under management are maintained at an independent and bonded service bureau specializing in list fulfillment. Each list is processed to meet industry standards. This includes merge-purging, de-duping, gender identification, and other geographic and demographic classifications.

List owners can also provide legends to include date of last purchase, average order size, etc., to enhance their files.

To ensure that lists are clean and deliverable, we ask our list management clients to update their files frequently. Monthly or quarterly updates are industry standards.

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