Would you like to earn an extra $5,000 to $50,000 per year simply by renting your mailing list? That's what some smart organizations are earning -- just by making their mailing list available to other companies. Better yet, you can earn this money with no additional overhead. With no new printing, production, or advertising costs. With no additional sales personnel or warehouse space.

If you have current mailing list of customers, responders, or prospects, 5-Star Lists, Inc. will drum up business for you. All you have to do is to agree to make your list available for rental to other companies. Some companies have even been known to run lead-generation ad campaigns using direct mail or trade and general publications, or to sell low-cost newsletters, just to develop a mailing list to market. For some companies, there is as much profit in mailing lists as there is in sales!


Mailing lists are marketplaces. Businesses use mailing lists to create a steady stream of new customers -- and prospects -- to help their companies grow. They can help you to replace lost customers, keep in touch with the market, and grow at a steady, profitable pace.

According to research studies, when a business sends direct mail to the right mailing list, there is a 75% chance that the mail will be opened and read. This is extraordinary! No other advertising medium offers this type of involvement!

A good mailing list consists of a group of individuals having one or more characteristics in common. For example, freelance photographers, people who practice yoga, or mothers who run home businesses. Most importantly, a good list is one that is relevant to the product or service being sold.


Typically, the larger the list, the better. However, at 5-Star Lists, Inc., we are able to market both large and small mailing lists. To accomplish this we market list two ways: 1. Larger lists are marketed on their own merit. 2. Smaller lists are organized by common characteristics with other lists, and included in larger databases.

For example, we might include your list in one or more of these databases:

  1. Book, Tape, and Video Buyers
  2. Seminar Attendees
  3. Business Executives and Entrepreneurs
  4. Health Care Professionals and Educators
  5. Alternative Health, Psychology, and Spirituality Buyers

Each of these databases contain as many as 500,000 names - which makes them much more marketable than an individual list of, say, 5,000 names.

Mailers are attracted to these databases because they have the option to rent lists by specific "brand" name - or in tandem with other, similar lists. They can, for example, select all our "Book Buyers" in any state or region.

Either way, these companies know they are renting names from the actual customer mailing lists of various companies and organizations - and we provide the service of deduping records between files.

For these "generic" orders, we can include names from smaller lists - and pay royalties to the list owners for these rentals.

The important thing to remember is that revenues from the rental of your mailing list go right to the bottom line. That is, they add profits, not costs.


If you use 5-Star Lists, Inc. to market your list and to provide other services to mailers who rent your list, there is no cost to you.

You simply provide your list to us on a computer diskette or magnetic tape - along with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual updates that include additions, deletions, and changes of address.

5-Star Lists, Inc. will promote your list, police inappropriate and competitive offers, set up a billing and collection procedure, and provide you with mailer usage reports and royalty payments - simply in exchange for the right to include your mailing list in our portfolio.

You will have no costs billed to you.


Some companies don't want to rent their lists because of competition. They don't want their competitors to know the size-or other characteristics-of their customer list. And they don't want the competition mailing to their customers.

If competition is one of your concerns, keep an open mind. There are a number of ways to deal with this issue.

First, lists rarely go directly to the mailer -- they are delivered to bonded letter shops.

Labels are affixed by machine to the mailing materials; magnetic tapes are used for personalizing or ink-jetting materials.

Letter shops are run by professionals who will not duplicate your list or allow it to fall into unauthorized hands. This is a major line of defense against the competition.

Further, mailers must submit a sample of their mail piece to 5-Star Lists, Inc. for approval before the list rental. We can decline to rent your list to companies with inappropriate or competitive offers.


If you have a larger list -- of 25,000 or more names -- you can ask us to fax a sample of the mail piece to you for your review before rentals are approved. Our service bureau can also "seeds" all mailing lists (with decoy names) to track unauthorized usage. One way we do this is to add the names of businesses and individuals throughout the country -- usually with their names spelled with some unusual identifying trait.

In this way, we know immediately when someone is using your list.

Sometimes a mailer will inadvertently send out a second mailing to a list. In this case, we notify them and bill for the second usage. And, in the event someone uses your list without permission, we bill also them - and remind them there are theft and fraud penalties for unauthorized usage.


Lists generally rent anywhere from $50 to $100 per thousand names, depending on the quality and specificity of the list.

Royalty payments can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month depending on the quantity, quality, and source of the mailing list.

In some cases, we can even rent your list for two-and-a-half times the normal price. This will provide the mailer with a usage lease on the list for a maximum of one year.

Most mailers, however, will not rent the list for unlimited usage unless they have previously tested the list for responsiveness.

After the list rental funds have been collected, they are forwarded to the list owner, less broker commissions, management fees, and any other discounts given for multiple usage or net names arrangements, etc.

This is spelled out in our List Management Agreement.

Our List Management Agreement is straightforward, and non-exclusive. That is, you still have the option to market your list directly to anyone you want to. It also includes an option to terminate the relationship with a "30-Days Notice".


Once you've approved our List Management Agreement, you should provide us with copies of the brochures, catalogs, or other materials used to develop your mailing list.

You should also provide us with a comprehensive customer profile - detailing the characteristics of your list.

In turn, we will create a data card, press release, and other materials on your list for marketing purposes.

Data cards and press releases need to accurately describe your list in content and selections.

You should review these materials to substantiate any claims we are making about your list.

Once you have approved these materials, we will start promoting your list to brokers, publishers and direct marketers throughout the United States.


You should allow about 90 days before companies start to rent your list. The first rentals will be small tests of about 5,000 names, by several different mailers. Then, if your list performs well, these mailers will rent your list on a regular basis and in larger quantities. In fact, if the list is exceptional, you will not be able to keep mailers away!

Why would marketers rent your list? Because it closely matches the characteristics of their own customer profile.

In essence, by identifying themselves as having similar customers, these mailers will also lead you to a new market.

If your list works for them, then their list might work for you! It makes sense to give their list a try. It could mean more sales -- and more names for your database!

There you have it...

With 5-Star Lists, Inc., you can earn royalties for the rental of your mailing list. Whether your mailing list is 10,000 names or 100,000 names, you can create a revenue stream and add bottom-line profits to your business - - with no new overhead, sales people, or warehouse space - and at no cost to you!

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