At 5-Star Lists, we offer both E-mail list RESEARCH and E-mail list DEVELOPMENT.

Use our E-mail Research services to help you find the best e-mail lists in the market.

Use our E-mail List Development Services to build your own custom, niche-market e-mail list.

For E-MAIL LIST RESEARCH, please click on this link: Free Research and follow the instructions you find there.

For E-MAIL LIST DEVELOPMENT, please read the letter below.

  • advertising executives
  • architects
  • attorneys
  • automobile dealers
  • bankers
  • bookstores
  • chiropractors
  • clergy
  • CPAs
  • dentists
  • doctors
  • electronics engineers
  • firemen
  • florists
  • funeral directors
  • golf course managers
  • grocery stores
  • hardware stores
  • hospital administrators
  • hotel managers
  • human resource managers
  • insurance agents
  • jewelers
  • journalists
  • landscapers
  • mailing list brokers
  • marketing directors
  • MIS directors
  • motorcycle shops
  • nurses
  • opticians
  • painters
  • pet stores
  • photographers
  • plumbers
  • printers
  • psychologists
  • radio show producers
  • realtors
  • restaurants
  • sales managers
  • sporting goods stores
  • toy stores
  • travel agents
  • veterinarians
  • website developers

And, many more!

Why let the industry giants -- like catalog and retail companies -- be the only ones to capitalize on e-mail marketing?

Here is your chance to own a custom-built, e-mail database of potential customers, which you can use both now and over time.

Donít waste your buying cheap CDs with millions of names. These are out of date, contain heavy duplications and are full of porn-site addresses. Moreover, they are too large to be used for practical purposes.

Rather, join today's smart marketers who e-mail highly targeted, responsive niche markets. Small is better. Less is more.

These e-mail lists are yours to own. You can send the e-mail yourself, a few hundred at a time, or we can send them for you with our offshore ISP, which can deliver thousands of e-mail at one time.

For more information, please send a request to email@5-starlists.com with a description of the target market you want to reach, and we will get back to you with the estimated counts and costs.

Yours for smarter marketing,
5-Star Lists, Inc.

P.S. Due to the numerous changes of e-mail addresses, the average e-mail list is probably only 50% to 70% deliverable.

At 5-Star Lists, we believe our e-mail lists are 80% to 90% deliverable.

However, there will still be many returns and automatic responses, along with flat e-mail blocks to any e-mail list. To compensate our clients for this, we have made arrangements to keep both the cost per thousand names, and our minimum order requirement to a nominal fee.

We do not guarantee the deliverability or outcome of any mailing, and are not liable for any damages or losses incurred through the e-mail lists provided. In no event is the liability to exceed the actual cost of the e-mail list itself.


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